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We’re no longer gonna form you relish an apple sooner than reading this, but you nearly absolutely might perchance presumably per chance nonetheless.

Welcome to essentially the most up-to-date edition of the Wide Bomb Neighborhood Highlight! I, @zombiepie, am yet as soon as more honored to be your host as we discover inspire at the finest community-created works from the previous week. It be loopy to ponder, but this week marks the one-365 days anniversary of Jess/Voidburger first acting on the positioning as a customer! I ponder we can all agree that Jess has been a hugely optimistic addition to the positioning and as almost definitely the most indispensable fixtures at the present time, her energy and enthusiasm is vastly favored. So, even as you occur to might perchance presumably per chance want no longer completed so already thank her for the previous 365 days and all she has completed for the positioning since.


We now maintain a predominant but disappointing update from Rorie about the insist of the Wide Bomb store and what’s going on with essentially the most up-to-date batch of t-shirts apart from to the print on ask carrier. As you can gaze below, production of the shirts and the store as a entire is on hiatus. For folk that even maintain no longer got their goods, you can nonetheless query an email from Social Imprints on fetch a corpulent refund.

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In better knowledge, now we maintain already got 24 of us signed as a lot as Wide Bomb’s Additional Existence team roster! Furthermore, the team has managed to purchase over $2,000 even with over a month to amble sooner than the legitimate launch of the match! Need to potentialities are you’ll presumably per chance well be drawn to becoming a member of the fun, click on this hyperlink! Even even as you occur to presumably can most effective circulation for just a few hours, every miniature bit helps!

Furthermore, talking of charity drives, Smight, almost definitely the most figureheads unhurried Arcade Pit, has a charity page up and working for! Need to you can maintain enjoyed their Arcade Pit feature, please keep in suggestions chipping in whatever you can!

Rorie will be doing a circulation with a developer of Mr. Shifty, which is one of Rorie’s favourite video games in most up-to-date memory. Need to you can ponder of any questions you can relish them to query, feel free to drop a observation.


my mother referred to as me to affirm me she watched a video i became as soon as in cuz she misses me, it became as soon as the @giantbomb E3 sofa segment from 2019 lmfao

— BRAZYAZN (@michaelphigham) September 23, 2022

Watching some out of date @giantbomb as I am working and heard them talking about what vocab a Sad Souls Garfield would maintain for its messages. Now I am trapped imagining classic msgs within the Lasagnaverse.
“Monday Forward”
“Gargantuan Lasagna Forward”
“Strive Ingesting”
I prefer the vocab for Sonic, and so forth too

— Ilyon (@IlyonLikesCats) September 23, 2022


Gotta Stride Tase! (By: @jearum)

The Voicemail Dump Truck, Hyrule Hustle, and Dan taking half in Sonic 06 became as soon as a swish real trio of streams and in a technique jearum managed to capture all of them with this work of art. I suggest… legal discover at dat ass.

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Eternal Darkness of the Easy Mind: Meet me At Taco Bell (By: @kone)

The dynamic between Jeff B., Dan, and Jeff Grubb is undoubtedly something special and I ponder we can all agree that Kone perfectly capture that with this hilarious mock movie poster.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided


As long as your eyes can handle it, there's a new community leaderboard to join!
As prolonged as your eyes can deal with it, there is a recent community leaderboard to be half of!

Hyper Demon GB Leaderboard? (By: @stanleytree)

Hey community are any of you taking half in Hyper Demon? Need to you can maintain, right here’s a hyperlink to the community amble leaderboard! Need to potentialities are you’ll presumably per chance well be drawn to populating your leaderboard with your fellow GB community members, agonize free a yell!

The GB Album Membership 007 – Arthur Verocai by Arthur Verocai (By: @unclejam23)

Form no longer put out of your mind that essentially the most up-to-date edition of the Wide Bomb Neighborhood Album Membership is for Arthur Verocai by Arthur Verocai! In uncover so that you can be half of the discussion or counsel an album, right here is the hyperlink!

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge Is The 18th Decision Of The UUGPGC. Completion Date 10/3/22. Designate All Spoilers! +

It's time for something fun!
It be time for something fun!

Nighttime Fight Particular Is The 17th Decision Of The UUGPGC. Completion Date 9/19/22. SPOILERS ARE OPEN! (By: @bigsocrates)

In a transfer that will absolutely please Jason, the following edition of the Wide Bomb Sport Pass Sport Membership is tackling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge! Need to you can maintain early idea and impressions about the game feel free to half them. Form no longer put out of your mind that the Sport Pass Sport Membership is also discussing Nighttime Fight Particular and the discussion is now OPEN TO SPOILERS! Attain you can maintain any tale-related impressions of the motion-capture-heavy brawler?


Is this the Pikmin sequel you have been looking for?
Is this the Pikmin sequel you can maintain been procuring for?

Being Watched II: Surveillance in Telling Lies (By: @gamer_152)

Moderator Gamer_152 continues their in-depth diagnosis of Telling Lies and this week see how Telling Lies shows exact regulation enforcement’s unhappy legacy of spying, destruction, and betrayal.

Tinykin: Sport Pass Gemstones #04 (By: @jeremyf)

jeremyf is inspire to blogging on the positioning and this time spherical discusses Tinykin! Click the hyperlink to read why they idea the 3D platformer became as soon as a “legal Sport Pass Gem” fee taking half in will maintain to you can maintain the time.

What’s the Greatest Video Sport: The Dresser (By: @imunbeatable80)

I'd call this gimmick infringement, but I'm not playing the PS1 version of Discworld.
I could perchance presumably per chance name this gimmick infringement, but I am no longer taking half within the PS1 version of Discworld.

imunbeatable80 looks at The Dresser and assess if C.I.N.I.C. Games’ attempts at a modernized traipse game has any legs. Learn if they enjoyed their time with the game and half what potentialities are you’ll presumably per chance relish to gaze them play subsequent.

All PS1 Games in Tell: Section 009 (By: @borgmaster)

borgmaster looks at Criticom, Discworld, Destruction Derby, and Doom on the PS1 in essentially the most up-to-date episode of their retrospective series on the positioning wanting at the PS1’s catalogue of video games in chronological launch date uncover.

Indie Sport of the Week 288: Grapple Force Rena +

64 in 64: Episode 15 (By: @mento)

Essentially the most up-to-date episode of moderator Mento’s “Indie Sport of the Week” feature is up and it’s miles all about Grapple Force Rena! Learn if there’s more to this game than its grapple hook mechanic! Mento also reviewed Harvest Moon 64 and Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero as segment of their retrospective on the Nintendo 64! Need to you can maintain any fond memories or vicious nightmares of both game, feel free to half them!

Is there more to this than meets the eye? Read Mento's blog to find out!
Is there more to this than meets the gaze? Learn Mento’s blog to search out out!

Xbox’s Automated Cloud Saves Valid Killed My Floppy Knights Files (By: @brian_)

brian_ relays a short tale of how Xbox Cloud Gaming erased all of their place knowledge for Floppy Knights on Sport Pass. If maintain had identical amble-in with xCloud, feel free to be half of their discussion

Dialogue Threads

Not a great week for Rockstar.
No longer a enormous week for Rockstar.

There Used to be (It sounds as if) A Substantial GTA VI Leak (By: @rorie)

So… let’s discuss the GTA VI leak. What attain YOU form of the leak and subsequent knowledge surrounding it? What became as soon as your response to the hacker attempting to blackmail Rockstar after which their eventual arrest within the UK?

Is Cyperpunk: Edgerunners What Cyperpunk 2077 Need to nonetheless Possess Been? (By: @topcyclist)

Masses of of us maintain been having fun with Cyperpunk: Edgerunners, including of us that did no longer fetch pleasure from Cyberpunk 2077. Attain you assume about the present depicts a version of Cyberpunk that 2077 might perchance presumably per chance nonetheless maintain been at launch?

Fresh NVIDIA Playing cards Will Cost $900/$1600 (By: @rorie)

The RTX 4090 and both versions of the RTX 4080 now maintain technical specifications and label points! Someone able to form the leap ethical now? Are any of you concerned a pair of recent compose that uses both?

Who releases a handheld device in 2022 that is Wi-Fi only?
Who releases a handheld draw in 2022 that is Wi-Fi most effective?

The GTR Racing Sport Assortment IS Getting A Revival! (By: @gtxforza)

The GTR racing game series is getting a revival! Is someone angry? Are there any Wide Bomb members with fond memories of previous entries within the franchise? Be half of the discussion on Wide Bomb NOW!

Barbarian (2022 Movie) Dialogue Thread (By: @cubbielover)

Need to you can maintain considered Barbarian, what maintain been suggestions about the movie? Whether you enjoyed it or no longer, right here’s a hyperlink to the community discussion thread about the film! Retain in suggestions to designate spoilers!

Ted Lasso Being Added To FIFA 23 (By: @abs_b)

A criminally underrated comment about the Ted Lasso news.
A criminally underrated observation about the Ted Lasso knowledge.

So, Ted Lasso is being added to FIFA 23! Does this restore some goodwill potentialities are you’ll presumably per chance well presumably maintain to a game nonetheless bearing the name of 1 of essentially the most nasty sports organizations within the arena?

Wo Prolonged: Fallen Dynasty Demo Dialogue Thread (By: @atheistpreacher)

Wo Prolonged: Fallen Dynasty currently got a demo and a few of us are calling it Dynasty Warriors meets Nioh! Are there another Wide Bomb customers accessible that Team Ninja’s most up-to-date joint?

Have any of you check this demo out?
Possess any of you test this demo out?

Logitech G Cloud Handheld Revealed – Fresh Steamdeck Competitor? (By: @rorie)

It looks Logitech is planning to form a competitor to the Steam Deck! Learn all about the Logitech G Cloud on the forums. Who within the arena makes a WiFi-most effective handheld gaming draw within the 365 days of our Lord, 2022?

Your Private Favorite Initiating-world Maps In Video Games Of All Time? (By: @gtxforza)

What are your favourite open-world video game worlds? Are there open-world maps you admire? Skyrim, Red Ineffective II, and Breath of the Wild are all popular picks ethical now, but can you assume about of other open-world maps that fetch you angry?

What are your favorite open-world maps?
What are your favourite open-world maps?


For anyone still interested in the NES Mini, this is a definite read!
For somebody nonetheless drawn to the NES Mini, this is a particular read!

Every Nintendo Classic Mini Sport RANKED (By: @daavpuke)

Form no longer query why, but daavpuke went forward and ranked every game within the Nintendo Classic Mini from most effective to worst. Need to you can maintain been questioning if the draw has passable dazzling video games, then give this checklist a discover!

Xbox Champions Roster (By: @melodicvirus)

MelodicVirus had a amble at drafting systems for Xbox and Microsoft-irregular characters to form appearances in MultiVersus. Possess a look at what they’ve in suggestions up to now by clicking the hyperlink above!

Particular person Opinions

One of the best reviews for a game just dropped and that's not an exaggeration
One of many finest opinions for a game legal dropped and that is the reason no longer an exaggeration
  • @valorianendymion’s Undernauts: Labyrinth of Yomi overview is one of essentially the most entire write-united statesabout the game you will win on the compile and relays why it’s miles a riveting dungeon-crawling RPG fee every minute.
  • @yyninja had an absolute BLAST taking half in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and shares as great of their overview of the game. Learn the many causes why the game’s world, tale, and gameplay all resonated with them.
  • @thenoscollector uses their overview of Madden NFL 23 to discuss why this 365 days’s entry is never at all times undoubtedly a franchise low-point, and that is causes why they terror fans will permit the series’ constant regression in equality to amble without suppose this 365 days.
  • @infantpipoc lastly got spherical to taking half within the OG Fate/terminate evening visible recent after having fun with Melty Blood: Kind Lumina and the Fate/terminate anime.
  • @infantpipoc became as soon as promised that the Fate/hole visible novels fetch better over time and they verify as great of their overview of Fate/hole ataraxia!
These games still not getting official localizations is a crime.
These video games nonetheless no longer getting legitimate localizations is against the law.

Wiki Page Of The Week


Snakes with Legs

It be one of those idea pages that defined Wide Bomb when it first announced it became as soon as going to maintain a wiki, but going inspire to it, our idea page for “Snakes with legs” nonetheless most effective has Jungler listed as an instance. As hilarious as that will presumably per chance well appear, I ponder we can attain better than that!

Putrid Assaults

On a considerably related demonstrate, we even maintain this page for creatures that exercise attacks that form no sense for what they’re. A moss snake has kicked you for 2 points!

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