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The Download: befriending crows, and Twitter below Musk

The crows play conceal-and-survey with Nicole Steinke after her older kids head to school. She feeds a family of the birds from her house balcony in Alexandria, Virginia, twice each day. Once there’s no food left, they’ll ticket her as she walks around her neighborhood. When one crow finds her, this can call to the others, and they’ll surround her.

The crows have develop into minor TikTok celebrities due to CrowTok, a puny however extremely active arena of interest on the social video app that has exploded in recognition true throughout the last two years. CrowTok isn’t true about birds, even though. It also in overall explores the relationships that corvids—a family of birds including crows, magpies, and ravens—form with human beings.

They’re no longer the highest lustrous birds round, however in traditional, corvids are natty in a come that resonates deeply with humans. But how easy is it to abet them? And what can it dispute us about consideration, and patience, in a world that on a typical basis appears to have minute of both? Read the fleshy memoir.

—Abby Ohlheiser

Elon Musk doesn’t know what it takes to assemble a digital metropolis sq.

It was as soon as in 2009 when the energy of Twitter definitely was evident. As some Iranians tweeted throughout the country’s elections throughout a media blackout, the attach began to emerge as a indispensable tool of world activists. It formed the blueprint for how later actions relied on Twitter to disseminate recordsdata and enjoy supporters.

Now, if the platform’s fresh unswerving “Chief Twit” Elon Musk sticks to his acknowledged plans to overhaul a sequence of platform insurance policies, these very customers—arguably the customers who made Twitter what it is—could well face the most menace. He’s signaled that he wants to push the platform to agree to the local licensed guidelines of governments (including authoritarian ones), in the reduction of efforts to combat disinformation, and dilute the platform’s anonymity protections, which defend activists round the enviornment. Read the fleshy memoir.

By Jillian C. York, Director of World Freedom of Expression on the Digital Frontier Foundation.

I made it noteworthy on Twitter. Now I don’t agree with I will conclude.

For a definitely lengthy time, it was as soon as price it for author Mikki Kendall to conclude on Twitter because Twitter had the energy to change your existence. She broke noteworthy on Twitter more than 10 years ago with a hashtag, #solidarityisforwhitewomen. It was as soon as gigantic for her profession, giving her entry to a world viewers and unparalleled entry to the editors who made her a broadcast author.

But even before Elon Musk sold the platform, she’s stumbled on herself tweeting less and never more. Whereas she venerable to socialize on a typical basis on the platform, TikTok, Instagram and non-public groups are changing into more and more more very finest-attempting methods to employ time online. And whereas harassment and a lack of time are partly to blame, for these that venerable Twitter to perform a profession, to maintain their careers, or merely to glue, the categorical demand is: Where attain we lunge from here? Read the fleshy memoir.

The must-reads

I’ve combed the online to glean you this day’s most fun/crucial/horrifying/inviting tales about skills.

1 Great Tech is changing into uninteresting
As shares drop, so does Wall Avenue’s urge for food for zanier, riskier ventures. (Vox)
+ The tech sing the pandemic brought about is smartly and if truth be told over. (Bloomberg $)
+ The tech stock decline is scandalous news for US pensions. (The Guardian)
+ Advertisers are spending less money on social media, too. (FT $)
+ Tech’s richest have lost discontinuance to half a trillion bucks this year. (WSJ $)

2 Quite loads of fresh covid variants vying for dominance
Their skill to skirt our unique immunity is a proper arena. (The Atlantic $)
+ Variants are inclined to unfold all the design in which through Europe before the US. (Slate $)
+ Vaccines that stretch the immune response could well give better safety. (Contemporary Scientist $)
+ Is a covid and flu “twindemic” on the horizon? (MIT Technology Review)

3 Twitter is planning to originate charging for verification
Elon Musk reckons other folk will cough up $20 a month for the privilege. (The Verge)
+ Musk is reportedly planning to lengthen 25% of Twitter’s group. (WP $)

4 Conclude the Seize’s organizer is whipping up dissent in Brazil
Ali Alexander is mobilizing Brazilians after Lula beat Bolsonaro to the presidency. (Insider $)
+ Social media chatter in El Salvador is leading to mass arrests. (Remainder of World)
+ How claims of voter fraud in 2020 were supercharged by scandalous science. (MIT Technology Review)

6 How cryptography can abet sexual assault survivors to salvage justice
Systems that portion recordsdata securely are being venerable to perform cases in opposition to repeat offenders. (The Guardian)

7 We’re mute in the boring of night over how TikTok affects our psychological health
But it completely appears crucial to uncover. (The Guardian)
+ For many adolescents, the app is a gateway to self-prognosis. (NYT $)
+ Dementia divulge gets billions of views on TikTok. Whose memoir does it explain? (MIT Technology Review)

8 Eric Schmidt is terrified by China’s like a flash AI advances
He wants the US authorities to employ lots more money on AI assessment in response. (Protocol)
+ Attain AI methods want to come with safety warnings? (MIT Technology Review)

9 This artist has been growing memes for the reason that 1970s
But Jenny Holzer isn’t performed sharing her creative visions but. (WSJ $)

10 Why a bit little bit of scare is correct for us 👻
+ Denmark’s Leisure Exertion Lab is digging into the science of it. (Slate $)
+ Silicon Valley’s elite are rich pickings for trick-or-treaters. (Economist $)

“The market has changed. Every little thing has changed entirely.”—Vieje Piauwasdy, a director at equity planning provider Secfi, explains the challenges going through startups as funding withers in the harsh financial climate to the Contemporary York Cases.

Quote of the day

“The market has changed. Every little thing has changed entirely.”

—Vieje Piauwasdy, a director at equity planning provider Secfi, explains the challenges going through startups as funding withers in the harsh financial climate to the Contemporary York Cases.

The noteworthy memoir

Alina Chan tweeted existence into the root that the virus came from a lab.

June 2021

Alina Chan started asking questions in March 2020. She was as soon as speaking to chums on Fb about the virus then spreading out of China. She design it was as soon as queer that folks were saying it had come out of a grocery store. If that was as soon as so, why hadn’t anyone stumbled on any contaminated animals? She puzzled why no one was as soon as admitting one other possibility, which to her gave the impression very glaring: the outbreak could well were due to a lab accident.

Chan is a postdoc in a gene remedy lab on the Huge Institute, a prestigious assessment institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that’s affiliated with each and every Harvard and MIT. In the course of 2020, Chan relentlessly stoked scientific argument and doubts, and wasn’t panicked to pit her brain in opposition to the highest virologists on the planet. Her persistence helped substitute some researchers’ minds, and her ticket is now widely held. But she’s unlikely with the procedure to return to a fashioned existence any time soon. Read the fleshy memoir.

—Antonio Regalado

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