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  • The octopus haircut is one among the freshest hairstyle trends for 2022.
  • The haircut is a reinvention of the enduring short to medium-length layered “Rachel” haircut that became once popular within the ’90s.
  • It has been popular in aspects of Asia for quite some time on the other hand it lately arrived within the west.

Whereas some hairstyles like curtain bangs and the shag contain cemented themselves as two of the kinds of the second, there is one thing unusual — albeit interestingly named — on the horizon. Meet the “octopus” haircut. It would maybe well well furthermore honest now not sound as alluring as the “wolf cut” that dominated TikTok about a months within the past, however diagram now not write it off appropriate but.

What Is the Octopus Haircut?

The octopus hairstyle is now not always as unparalleled as it appears to be like: you should furthermore even imagine it as a reinvention of the enduring “Rachel” haircut from the ’90s that became once made infamous by Jennifer Aniston’s character on Chums. “The cut is much less sea-creature and additional stylish shag, and is straight away making its methodology throughout the accumulate as essentially the most up-to-date pattern, being seen throughout Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok,” Darren Bain, lead stylist at Taylor Taylor London, told POPSUGAR. “Neatly-liked in Japan and Korea, the vogue has lately arrived within the west as a up-to-the-minute alternative to broken-down, longer layered hair.”

Translation: the octopus haircut is but another iteration of the shag, however with a up-to-the-minute twist. “The cut is a heavily textured survey that uses shorter layers on the discontinue of the head, seriously asserting length and quantity, whereas thinner, longer lengths of hair are styled from under,” mentioned Bain.

Whereas those top-heavy layers would maybe well furthermore honest remind you of the mullet, or now not it is now not quite the identical. Based on Bain, “With an octopus haircut, the two layered sections are great extra blended than the mullet, which is extra visibly disconnected.” The octopus cut contains long, face-framing curtain bangs that hit under the ears, whereas a mullet in overall ingredients shorter, eyebrow-grazing bangs.

Who Can Gain the Octopus Haircut?

Need to you should furthermore be searching to search out a flattering haircut on short- to medium-length hair, the octopus hairstyle can be for you. “[It’s] supreme for somebody that enjoys quantity and unstructured hair, as heavy layers create hundreds quantity that create the hair survey thicker internally, leaving the length quite relaxed,” mentioned Bain. It would maybe well well furthermore honest also be styled with a blowout for a moderately sleeker invent or left rougher and additional “undone” for a extra casual survey. “On the entire talking, on the other hand, the octopus cut does need day-to-day styling the utilization of smoothing and styling merchandise, and a round brush.”

As for hair textures, the octopus haircut is most efficient suited to those with straight or wavy hair. “Most folks with these kinds of cuts are inclined to set aside on their hair straight with flicks on the discontinue of the hair to intensify the shaping nature of the vogue,” mentioned Bain. “Those with naturally voluminous curls can discontinue up with an awfully disconnected, nearly wedge-form survey.”

Programs to Request Your Hairstylist For the Octopus Haircut

Don’t be disturbed: you gained’t be checked out weirdly when you happen to quiz this haircut pattern on the salon. “Many stylists can be attentive to the Octopus haircut, severely as it rises in recognition,” mentioned Bain. “Nonetheless, regardless, or now not it is consistently a factual suggestion to search out some reference photographs to showcase your hairdresser.

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