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Ryan Jones On How To Cope With Redundancy

Louise: Attain you ever bear those days where you can’t pretty create it out of your pajamas? Or those where you designate your entire inbox as “Read”. Even those where you scrutinize your self Googling, “How receive you DO marketing and marketing?” I’m Louise, Shriek material Manager at BuzzSumo – the enviornment’s easiest pronounce marketing and marketing instrument – and right here’s Marketing and marketing IRL, where we peel away the gleaming veneer and chat about the realities of working in marketing and marketing. This podcast is an extension of a mission we started now now not too long ago at BuzzSumo referred to as the Wellbeing Hub.

Or now now not it’s a yelp for you to stream for advice, accurate lifestyles ride, and classes learned by marketers all thru their profession. Strive it out at buzzsumo.com/wellbeing-hub/.

Nowadays, we’re talking about going thru redundancies and I’m gleaming enraged to be joined by Ryan Jones. Hi there Ryan. How’s it going?

Ryan: Yeah, or now now not it’s now now not too sinful. Mild simply prepping for Christmas the truth is. I work in e-commerce so we simply bear Shaded Friday, or now now not it’s a extensive time of twelve months for us.

Louise: So for those of you who don’t know, Ryan’s an SEO specialist at Land Of Rugs, and that’s the reason a UK based entirely mostly e-commerce rug specialist. He is been working in digital since 2015. Earlier this twelve months, he spoke on the enviornment’s supreme search marketing and marketing conference, Brighton SEO, and he’s also contributed to BuzzSumo’s Wellbeing Hub with some very sage advice on going thru burnout.

Gorgeous. So we’re talking just a few subject matter that will resonate with many of you and that’s the reason redundancies. In accordance with the psychological health charity Mind, redundancy can motive nice uncertainty, stress, and dread. So, Ryan, can you lisp us a cramped bit extra about your bear ride and what made it’s top to discuss it on the present time?

Ryan: Yeah. So in relation to my bear ride, sooner than I started at Land of Rugs, we had the lockdown in March 2020, and neutral unparalleled from that point I modified into as soon as furloughed. There modified into as soon as mute cramped bits of from facet to facet about altering the job role, and even reducing it to segment-time, to strive and match into the industry’s wants. But September 2020 rolled round, and it modified into as soon as a joint decision to receive rid of my yelp, and clearly from that point I modified into as soon as made redundant. Or now now not it’s now now not a uncommon pronounce. I mediate pretty just a few of us, whether or now now not they’re working in marketing and marketing or now now not, went thru the same things. I mean, revenue from my final company modified into as soon as, I mediate, almost halved, thanks to COVID and the lockdown. Obviously pretty just a few firms must assign fees and sadly, personnel is quite the principle ingredient to stream. By the exercise of searching to return on and receive the podcast, I must open the conversation about how being made redundant doesn’t should be the tip of anything else. I mean, if anything else, I’ve long gone on to even bigger and greater things since being made redundant. So I must open up the conversation to now now not explore at it as the tip of something, nonetheless pretty explore at it as the beginning of something new.

Louise: Yeah, positively. Can you lisp us what modified into as soon as the principle ingredient that helped you take care of your redundancy, and the principle realization you had that it modified into as soon as the truth is most certainly a sure? Or which it’s doubtless you’ll also create a sure out of a pronounce savor that?

Ryan:  I determined when I modified into as soon as made redundant to sort of settle per week, two weeks, to roughly receive nothing almost, and simply sit and settle every thing in because, even supposing I might also been furloughed, I wasn’t the truth is taking day day out to sit down down and support in thoughts the stuff that modified into as soon as occurring in my lifestyles personally and professionally.

So I had a two week spoil where I simply did now not receive anything else at all, the truth is. After which started obviously having a explore and applying for jobs, and whether or now now not you work in marketing and marketing or now now not, or now now not it’s principal with a idea to market your self, especially with so many extra of us being made redundant.

So, for individuals who had been going into an interview where, beforehand to COVID, which it’s doubtless you’ll be most certainly interviewing with four or five other of us, that can even with out problems stretch to 10, 20, 30 of us which is also going for the the same yelp. So it modified into as soon as the truth is taking day day out to sit down down and explore at my resume. I mean my resume is pretty bizarre, within the sense that for the final two years before COVID I worked two jobs simultaneously. So I modified into as soon as SEO at an agency, nonetheless I also worked a gross sales role as neatly at one of the most agency’s customers. It modified into as soon as roughly a bizarre setup. So that you just can strive and write that down on a resume is a cramped bit unique, especially for individuals who’re going for SEO roles, and or now now not it’s principal to exhibit why pretty just a few your job modified into as soon as also gross sales pretty than an SEO.

So, I needed to sit down down down and lisp a story round that, about how my gross sales ride has helped with my SEO and that roughly ingredient. And the truth is simply create particular my resume tells a story of me pretty than somebody who’s half-assed, for individuals who savor, or half in SEO and half in gross sales.

Louise:  Yeah. So it ended up being an opportunity for you to sort of settle stock and have confidence what the following steps had been for you, and what route you wanted to stream in.

Ryan:  For particular. It modified into as soon as the truth is with regards to making a choice of “Gorgeous. Is SEO where I must be? Or receive I the truth is must pursue one more gross sales role? I don’t the truth is must sit in both camps anymore.” And SEO modified into as soon as obviously the simply need for the roughly persona that I’m. And that call modified into as soon as made neutral immediate after that two week stint of now now not doing anything else. And from there, it modified into as soon as neutral unparalleled simply applying to SEO roles.

Louise: Used to be there anything else which it’s doubtless you’ll pass on as sage advice or programs to somebody else who modified into as soon as within the pronounce where they’d been made redundant?

Ryan: Yeah, so I mean, bar what I mentioned first about having a explore at it as the beginning of something, pretty than the tip of something, obviously there might be pretty just a few stress that contains it. I dwell at home, nonetheless I mute bear a automobile to pay for, I mute bear bills to pay. So the first step is to roughly receive rid of that dread almost and cease needlessly applying to every thing. On legend of I chanced on when I modified into as soon as applying for set up spanking new roles, I had loads extra success at attending to interview phases and getting additional within the interview path of when I modified into as soon as applying for jobs that I the truth is cared about. On legend of that comes all thru in interviews, even over zoom, even for individuals who’re doing digital interviews. In the event you are actually keen about something, especially in SEO, you then can also most often create it work. Or now now not it’s all neatly and supreme for me to roughly sit right here and exhibit how I create web sites shocking bigger in search outcomes. But if or now now not it’s, if or now now not it’s a company that I don’t the truth is care about, then it comes all thru that potential, and hiring managers can positively lisp that. So you’ve got purchased to link that in with your epic, and where it’s top to receive to with your profession, and link that into the job roles that you just’re going for.

Like, when I modified into as soon as working agency facet, I modified into as soon as constantly happiest working on the smaller e-commerce customers, because I mean, for individuals who can also glimpse how ranking changes bear an imprint on a industry that deeply and the contrivance, when revenue will increase, although or now now not it’s most efficient a miniature quantity, how contented that makes every person. That makes me feel contented.

And due to the this truth, that makes me must receive even greater. So a miniature e-commerce company is where I the truth is wanted to stream. And that modified into as soon as when I the truth is began to hone in on applying to those forms of roles.

Louise:  I might also be preempting what you’re about to claim, nonetheless I do know when I’ve landed a new job, I roughly mediate to myself, why did now not I receive this sooner? Why did now not I achieve aside myself in that potentially riskier pronounce to direct for one more job? On legend of in outdated firms I have been there for years and potentially simply been a cramped bit panicked of the unknown. And I simply puzzled if that is something that you just experienced for individuals who had been made redundant. Is that something that you just chanced on?

Ryan: Yeah, positively. I mean, I started at Land of Rugs in December 2020, and all thru the principle two weeks, I modified into as soon as roughly sat there, savor – why did now not I direct to those form of roles sooner than? On legend of I might also already lisp I modified into as soon as unparalleled happier on this role, than the roles I might also been doing beforehand. But I mediate all of us bear that sort of pronounce where you’re feeling savor you is also doing greater things, and even it’s top to stream for a pay upward thrust or something savor that, or whatever your motivation for animated on is. I mediate every person might also be stuck in that roughly cycle of, neatly, what happens if I direct, and then I hand my sign in, and then the job offer falls thru – then I’m roughly left in limbo?

So, I mediate every person might also be struck by that fear. But I mediate the roughly conversation I must open up is: is it greater to be panicked for a immediate interval of time, and then trip on to greater and greater and happier things? For me a non-public example is talking at Brighton SEO. That’s the roughly ingredient I must settle to the following level.

And I don’t bear had that opportunity in outdated roles. So the roughly three months of fixed stress and verging on dread almost, of searching to fetch a role that pales to insignificance now because I’m unparalleled happier where I’m. I mediate that the conversation of us will have to bear with themselves is, is the non permanent fear worth it within the long inch? Or receive you the truth is simply must stick where you are for the minute?

After which obviously for individuals who’ve got been made redundant as neatly, or now now not it’s straight forward to receive wrapped up in that dread. But I mediate the principal ingredient is to easily cease composed, set up, especially in SEO and marketing and marketing, that you just’ll fetch one more role.

Companies, especially on the present time – most certainly when the pandemic first hit, it modified into as soon as a cramped bit varied – nonetheless now they the truth is set up that they must start investing of their marketing and marketing.

So you are below no circumstances searching a job role as a marketer. In the event you are unhappy where you are, or for individuals who’re in a pronounce where you’ve got been made redundant, do not be disturbed about it because a job role will approach and bigger and greater things will approach.

Louise: Yeah, or now now not it’s attention-grabbing what you mentioned a minute ago about for individuals who applied to discuss at Brighton SEO. That made me mediate with the upheaval of redundancy, and the truth it modified into as soon as a unhealthy pronounce. Attain you think that is making you further open to taking risks? And achieve aside your self available greater than most certainly which it’s doubtless you’ll bear accomplished for individuals who hadn’t been made redundant?

R yan: Yeah, one hundred percent. I mean I went to my first Brighton SEO in 2017, 2018. And I modified into as soon as listening to all these amazing audio system talk and thinking, yeah I the truth is prefer with a idea to receive that within the future. Yeah. Public talking is most certainly the quantity 1 ingredient I’m panicked of in lifestyles.

After which after being panicked of obviously discovering a new job role, I then realized that if I will trip three months with out a wage and mute discontinue up the truth is contented, and in a job role that is stable and stable, in a company that’s rising neatly.

If I will receive thru that stage of now now not having a wage for three months, and counting on financial savings and mute paying all my bills, then I will positively arrange talking in a room fat of 70 to 100 of us. If I will arrange three months of pure dread, I will positively arrange that for 20 minutes.

So or now now not it’s positively made me extra open to applying to extra talking roles within the extinguish, and expectantly in bigger rooms of of us talking about broader issues apart from my talk, which modified into as soon as about rising your in-condo profession.

Louise: In the event you had been to sum up every thing that you just’ve got got simply mentioned, and you needed to give one tip to somebody who modified into as soon as going thru redundancy within the intervening time, or one bit of recommendation, what would it now now not be?

Ryan: I mediate my biggest portion of recommendation might be don’t let the fear in.

I mean, it appears to be like very straight forward to claim as somebody who’s now now not redundant anymore, on the opposite hand it positively hit me and which it’s doubtless you’ll also positively initiate to spiral. After which as soon as that spiral hits, you open applying to anything else, and you think, I’m going to easily receive something non permanent now, and then I’m going to support applying.

But then for individuals who scrutinize one more job, although or now now not it’s supposedly a non permanent job, it then turns actual into a protracted path of to receive succor to what you the truth is must be doing. It turns actual into loads extra advanced. So strive now to now not let that cycle of fear hit you, and simply set up that something will approach along. Even supposing it appears to be like very some distance off, it positively will approach along and you then’ll be unparalleled, unparalleled happier.

Louise: Yep. Entirely agree. Ryan, thanks so unparalleled for joining me.

Ryan:  No pronounce.

Louise:  And if we wanted to fetch you on-line, where receive we trip or how would we receive in contact?

Ryan: Yeah, so the finest yelp to fetch me on is on Twitter @RyanJonesSEO. You might also also fetch me on LinkedIn and ryan@landofrugs.com is my email. I’m constantly contented to discuss anything else SEO or profession linked. So hit me up there.

Thanks for listening to Marketing and marketing IRL, dropped at you by BuzzSumo. You might also portion your experiences about redundancy with us on Twitter. Factual tweet @BuzzSumo. And which it’s doubtless you’ll also fetch us on our online web page buzzsumo.com. Bye!

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