Path to Nowhere, a tower protection gacha RPG, opens pre-registration earlier than global launch thumbnail

Path to Nowhere, a tower protection gacha RPG, opens pre-registration earlier than global launch

AISNO Games has opened pre-registration for the English and Eastern versions of the upcoming tower protection gacha RPG; Path to Nowhere. This fresh anime-model game sports a extremely gothic vibe, and plays a lot esteem moderately a few immense well-liked gacha reminiscent of Arknights or the upcoming Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud.

Path to Nowhere started its delivery beta in August for Chinese language audiences, and so soon after, is starting a pre-registration campaign for both the English and Eastern regions. With moderately a few methods that grab after most up-to-date successful gacha video games, it’s completely one you’ll must catch your fingers on once it launches at a later date.

The gameplay of Path to Nowhere, valuable esteem the previously mentioned Arknights, sees a tile-based completely completely scheme with portions you’ll must defend. To construct so, you’ll clutch a squad of characters from the immense roster and grab a chain of them onto the battlefield.


From there, you’ll jam them in positions all the map throughout the stage as wave after wave of enemies enters, and utilize their timed expertise and auto-assault patterns to take care of them off. If this one is anything else esteem moderately a few tower protection video games, it’s safe to clutch that this deceptively easy gameplay loop will stop up turning into moderately complicated within the later levels and require moderately a few strategic placement and like a flash thinking.

On top of this, as is standard for most gacha video games, you’ll have the choice to upgrade your entire devices and effect certain they take care of up to par with the upper-level swear. This could most likely just buff up now not easiest their stats however the effectiveness of their expertise too.

Essentially the most uncommon part of Path to Nowhere is basically the striking visuals. The art work model gives moderately a few gothic vampiric vibes, with deep reds and shades of gloomy adorning a entire lot of the characters. The weird and wonderful surroundings appears cyberpunk-esteem in nature, however the colours with no doubt effect it stand out from moderately a few genre contemporaries, making it moderately unhappy.

Whenever you’d wish to pre-register for Path to Nowhere now, you could well build so at either of the links below. Within the mean time, you could well per chance furthermore check out the reputable online page for more knowledge and screenshots as correctly.

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