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Info salaries at FAANG firms in 2022

Wage is a sensitive topic. Must or no longer or no longer it is?

There are a quantity of appropriate the explanations why salaries must be clear. It helps candidates to no longer raze time on opportunities that pay much less than they need. It shines gentle on pay gaps between genders and diversified groups. And it helps employees imprint within the occasion that they’re underpaid in their current roles.

Wage transparency is a properly timed topic. The UK Authorities thinks we might perchance well peaceable talk extra about pay and launched a pilot final week to contend with this.

“Taking part employers will ride pilots geared toward closing wage gaps by publishing salaries on all job adverts” — UK Equal Pay Pilot

But you don’t constantly need the manager to connect that occur. Quite rather a lot of initiatives private started to seem where employees acquire ways of assessing pay inner their organisations.

One recent instance is HelloFresh employees doing the Open Wage Initiative 2022 where you would put up your wage and in flip watch the vogue you overview to your colleagues. That is a huge “give some, get some” incentive that lets employees cease anonymous.

All this made me would love to are trying to shine some gentle on files compensation utilizing files. I’ve previously worked at Google and know many folk at FAANG firms (Fb, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google). That is where I’ve taken my starting level by taking a watch at extra than 4,000 files points from sources reminiscent of and to set aside some numbers to pay.

Let’s dig in.

The median files total compensation in 2022 within the US is $187,000. This varies a lot across firms and seniority. To illustrate, the median files compensation at Netflix is $450,0001.

Source: Checklist by creator. Info from

Jog to the US, work for Netflix, enhance off.

US-based totally files jobs are paid properly. In particular if you’re amongst the lucky 440 working in an files scheme at Netflix. In case you’ve read Reid Hastings e book No Principles Rule you’ll know here is not any longer by likelihood. Netflix has a policy where they succor their employees to interview diversified areas and bring abet the provides they get. If Netflix sees that they’re being outbid they’ll attach bigger your wage and elevate out the identical for each person across the company in identical roles.

“It costs powerful extra to lose folk and to recruit replacements than to overpay a cramped within the first location” — Reid Hastings, No Principles Rule

The diversified high tech firms even private many folk in files roles incomes extra than $450,000 total compensation per year nonetheless no longer as constantly as Netflix.

It’s no shock that US tech and files salaries are excessive. But how elevate out they overview to Europa and to the remainder of the sphere?

Median US files wage for firms I looked at is $187,000 when compared with $108,000 in Europe and $87,000 within the remainder of the sphere. No microscopic hole.

Checklist by creator. Info from, and some diversified sources

Whereas I wasn’t ready to compile as many wage files points exterior the US the sample is peaceable sure; you get paid powerful extra within the US. That being acknowledged, a transient watch at files jobs on reveals that there are a great deal of jobs within the UK that pay extra than the median.

If cash is chilly, it’s chilly on the tip. The final observe tech firms private diversified diversifications of a stage (L) device that signifies seniority. Most employees drop within the differ L2–3 (junior or mid) to L6 (expert or supervisor). At Google the stage goes the full intention as a lot as L10 nonetheless the lucky few listed below are no longer going to piece their salaries (a transient watch at reveals that the reported few salaries at L8 is extra than $1,000,000 so I dare you to dream of where it ends at L10).

Source: Checklist by creator. Info from Info is directional only and ranges are no longer completely similar across firms

In case you chase from L3 to L6 you extra than double your wage. Some lucky high paid files folk carry out upwards $700,000 (and some presumably powerful extra).

You’re now taking underneath consideration to your self that $400,000+ per year sounds quite nice. Where elevate out you chase from here?

It’s seemingly you’ll well presumably be a half of Netflix as a Senior Info Engineer and work on experimentation tooling. You’d need some files around experimentation ways and statistics and be appropriate at working in immoral purposeful groups.

Otherwise that you just can well presumably be a half of Google as a Info Scientist Technical Lead and work with broad datasets and clear up hard prognosis problems and making employ of developed analytical concepts.

Or if you magnificent private just a few years of trip that you just can well presumably be a half of Google as a Substitute Info Scientist in Adverts & Advertising and work your intention up (from my trip at Google you would seek files from a promotion every two year at decrease ranges nonetheless this will get progressively extra difficult the extra senior you change into).

In case you chase chasing these excessive paying jobs? Presumably, perchance no longer.

But that’s no longer the level of this text. The purpose is to delivery the discussion to whether we might perchance well peaceable talk extra about salaries. Wage stays a sensitive topic nonetheless it makes for an correct discussion.

I’m fervent to listen to your thoughts. Attain out to me here.

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