Amazing Spider-Man #12 preview tries to decipher which Hobgoblin is which thumbnail

Amazing Spider-Man #12 preview tries to decipher which Hobgoblin is which

Amazing Spider-Man #12

Amazing Spider-Man #12 art work(Image credit: Wonder Comics)

Amazing Spider-Man #12 pits Peter Parker against the Hobgoblin as soon as extra – but which one? 

Amazing Spider-Man #11 implied that it is Ned Leeds, who was as soon as as soon as framed as the Hobgoblin, with Ned placing on the costume whereas it sounds as if slipping into a harmful Hobgoblin person.

Amazing Spider-Man #12 cover

Amazing Spider-Man #12 screen (Image credit: Wonder Comics)

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Now, we’ve bought a perceive ahead at Amazing Spider-Man #12 from creator Zeb Wells and artists John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna, Marcio Manyz, and letterer Joe Caramagna which follows up on the outdated discipline’s cliffhanger.

The preview reveals Peter’s used wonderful friend Ned Leeds it sounds as if descending into his outdated Hobgoblin persona – a second personality that was as soon as implanted in Leeds’ mind by assignment of a brainwashing methodology called the ‘Winkler manner,’ which is namechecked within the pages. 

Ned has been placing on his used Hobgoblin costume, and his wife Betty Brant is concerned that he’s in anguish, so she asks Peter to examine up on him – main to a much extra refined conversation than even anticipated.

Take a take a study the pages factual right here:

Amazing Spider-Man #12

(Image credit: Wonder Comics)

Though Ned was as soon as by no means consciously the Hobgoblin, he did hump into the Hobgoblin persona a couple of times as half of his brainwashing, which was as soon as engineered by the explicit fashioned Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley.

Kingsley framed Leeds as the true Hobgoblin relief when the personality first regarded within the ’80s, main to Ned’s apparent death and later rebirth, though the thriller of who’s under the Hobgoblin hide has caught with the personality virtually whenever he’s reared his orange-hooded head since.

Basically, in conjunction with pointing out every Ned’s brainwashing and Kingsley and giving readers unbiased a itsy-bitsy of reason within the relief of Ned’s contemporary return to Amazing Spider-Man, the pages also web enlighten up a brand current thriller around the Hobgoblin, implying Ned could presumably also now not be the handiest person operating around as the Hobgoblin factual now.

Amazing Spider-Man #12 goes on sale October 26.

Rep alongside with your whole current Spider-Man comics planned for liberate in 2022 and beyond.

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